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Velocity distribution functions near a solid boundary oscillating in its normal direction for various Knudsen numbers.
(Tsuji and Aoki, J. Comput. Phys. (2013))

Themophoresis of colloids in a micro-gap Soret cell.
(Tsuji, et al., Micro Nano Lett. (2017))


Thermophoretic separation of colloid mixture.
(Tsuji, Saita, and Kawano, Phys. Rev. Appl. (2018))

Laser-induced thermophoresis at the inlet of a microchannel constriction.
(Tsuji, Sasai, and Kawano, Phys. Rev. Appl (2018))

Inside Front Cover
Setoura, Tsuji, et al.,
Nanoscale (2019)

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Tsuji, et al., Nanoscale (2020)


Hydrodynamic inter-particle interaction accelerates the orbital speed of particles under the irradiation of an optical vortex.
(Tsuji, et al, Nanoscale (2020))

Flow induced by a discontinuous boundary temperature.
(Taguchi & Tsuji, J. Fluid. Mech. (2020))

Flow induced by impulsive rotation of a sphere.
(Taguchi, Tsuji & Kotera, J. Fluid. Mech. (2021))

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The impulsive swirl of a gas

Orbital motion of a particle driven by
an optical vortex in a microscale double orifice.
(Nakajima, Nakatsuka, Tsuji, Doi, Kawano, Sci. Rep. (2021))